Association of Central Obesity and Waist/Hip Circumference With Dislipidemia

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Husnah Husnah


Dislipidemia is a lipid metabolic disorder which marked by raised of total cholestrol ratio, LDL, and Trigliserida also reduction HDL ratio. Dislipidemia is risk factor of coronary heart disease, arterio sklerosis, acute miokard infark, Diabetes Melitis, Hipertension, and Chronic Kidney Disease. The aim of this study is knowing the association of central obesity and RLPP with dislipidemia in interna policlinic patient at RSUD Meuraxa. The design of the study is analytic observational with cross sectional approach. Sampling was conduct with purposive sampling with 64 samples. Rate the central obesity and RLPP with measurement while dislipidemia gained from patients registration book formed in laboratorium result. The result was based on age the biggest portion was more than 45 years old (78,1 %) , women more dominant (70,35 %) with central obesity (76,6%) and high RLPP (85,5%). High cholestrol 56,3 %, high LDL 78,1%, high Trigliserida 59,4 and low HDL 62,5%. The result of spearman correlation there was association between of central obesity with dislipidemia P = 0,046 and and RLPP with dislipidemia P = 0.029. We can conclude that there was association between central obesity and RLPP with Dislipidemia.Key words : Dislipidemia, Central Obesity, Waist/Hip Circumference, RLPP


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