The Importance of Nutrition Journal Publication

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Saptawati Bardosono


The rapid increase of nutrition journal publications indicate on the urgency of the problems in the world of nutrition. Research scientists had published various condition related to nutritional status and determined the cause of this problem. Expanding populations, newly achieved national freedoms, and the urge for a better life in the developing countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America, together with food surpluses, enlightened self-interest, and awakened conscience in the more privileged countries of Europe, North America and Oceania have contributed to resurgence of interest in the world of health and nutrition problems.1Indonesian Nutrition Association (registered as Perhimpunan Nutriti Indonesia), which was founded in 2011, has been continuing visions and misions to continue and develop the work of late Dr. Iqbal Mustafa, MD, PhD, FCCM. He encouraged the evolution of multidisciplinary Critical Care Systems in developing countries to provide benefit for great number of recipients at the lowest affordable cost. His interest in Nutritional Support had become a foundation to INA.2 To continue his legacy, INA has financially support the publishing of Journal Critical Care and Shock, the spreading of research to meet the needs of population.Since 2011, INA has taken an active role in all aspects of education and post-graduate trainings, practices, researches, and publications in nutrition disciplines. It also fosters collaboration among professionals involved in nutrition sciences.The yearly event held by INA, Nutri Symposium, has been running for 12 years. As part of this activity, we gather all participants to submit oral or poster presentation, which will also be published in form of abstracts in proceeding book. The demand from nutrition researchers and scientists to join the Nutri Symposium as a platform to publish their work has encouraged INA to create an International Journal focus on Nutrition, entitled World Nutrition Journal.Knowledge of nutrition; which includes community, clinical, and critical care nutrition, is constantly growing. Therefore, the needs of journal submissions and reference searches continue to increase. In this digital era, the web has greatly reduced the barriers for communicating scientific output.1One of many methods of publishing journals online is open access (OA). This is a method of publishing peer-reviewed journals and articles in the internet. This model of publishing can be freely accessed and read.2 In Indonesia, there are still only few open accessed journal publications, especially regarding nutrition-related knowledge. Considering the importance of journal publications, INA establishes World Nutrition Journal as an open access journal for the expansion of nutrition-related knowledge and acts as a media for authors to publish their researches.World Nutrition Journal (abbreviated as WNJ) is the peer-reviewed, world scale scientific journal of community, clinical, and critical care nutrition. It is the official journal of Indonesian Nutrition Association. As a brand new journal, WNJs team haveroles to achieve standard requirementsof an International Journal. Recently, WNJs ISSN has been registered from LIPI (Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia or Indonesian Science Institution), and has become a member of Crossref for Metadata and Similarity Check. Our goals are to publish high standard articles which are available to be tracked and cited by International scientists, as well as being indexed in Scopus, a bibliographic database containing abstracts and citations for academic journal articles.We do realize our first issue of World Nutriton Journal is a starting point and a stepping stone to develop our journal to be more credible and havemore impact factors. We will strive to polish and achieve our targets to be fulfilled for our next edition.


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